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The Process

Customer decisions needed for job to be placed on the production schedule: 

- Plans received from Builders/Homeowner

- Meet to measure existing space

- Homeowner answers a few questions:

- wood species

- door/drawer style


- Estimate returned

- Approval of estimate

- You will receive a packet containing all info and an expected schedule.

- We will provide samples for approval. All decisions are finalized.

- 45% deposit due 

-Meeting to refine choices: interiors of cabinets, discuss specific finishes, etc.

- We get cabinets ready in shop and invite you over to see.

(20% payment due)

- Final product will be delivered and installed when the job is ready.

(25% payment due)

- After other work finished, we touch up paint and adjust doors and drawers.

(final 10% due)

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